2021 Mid-Year Overview

General Overview

"As we came off the back of 2020, we entered another exciting, and busy, phase for our ever-growing TUFLOW team. The first half 2021 saw many users pick up the exciting industry leading functionality we released in the 2020 versions of TUFLOW Classic/HPC and FV. The feedback we have received has overwhelmingly been hugely positive, with our users reporting the benefits that we envisaged. This is a real shot in the arm (excuse the pun) to our research and development efforts, and future aspirations.

Even though 2020 was such a big year for research and development, we don’t plan to stop there. We’ve been busy as ever on the continued enhancement of all aspects of TUFLOW world:

  • The TUFLOW Classic/HPC 2021 release builds upon the industry changing functionality of 2020 as we bring additional features and tools to allow users to make the most of Quadtree and Sub-Grid Sampling, as well as improved workflow efficiencies through new GIS formats for inputs and outputs. 
  • TUFLOW FV continues to be developed into an industry leading product for the modelling of coastal, estuarine and lake environments across a wide range of applications. With TUFLOW FV now GPU accelerated, it is easier than ever to undertake long-term sediment transport and water quality simulations to better understand our water environments in the face of population growth and a changing climate. Watch out for some exciting developments in the water quality space in particular.
  • We continue to develop GIS TUFLOW tools, to provide our users with functionality to make modelling in both TUFLOW and TUFLOW FV as seamless and efficient as possible. With over 50,000 downloads and a 5-star rating, TUFLOW Viewer and the workflow efficiency tools built into the QGIS Plugin is ticking people’s boxes.
  • The impact of COVID-19 has seen many of us unable to attend face-to-face training. In response to this we’ve made it easier for users to access introductory level training through the release of self-paced eLearning modules. The courses available are on-demand 24/7 and allow users to develop their TUFLOW skills with some courses freely available. Courses currently include introductory QGIS, basic TUFLOW 2D modelling and a starter Python course. 
  • The challenges of 2020 also saw the postponement of the 2020 UK/Europe TUFLOW User Conference. With easing restrictions in the UK, we are now running the event on the 21st/22nd of September 2021 and early bird tickets are available.

Click on the links below for detailed updates relating to TUFLOW Classic/HPC, TUFLOW FV, GIS integration, our new training schedule and future education opportunities (such as the TUFLOW User Conference).

In additon to the above news, we are already making plans for 2022. We would like  would like your input to help guide our future. Please help us and contribute to TUFLOW by completing our 2021 User Survey.

We looking forward to another year of working with you and continued research and development focusing on making TUFLOW products even better!"

Bill Syme and the TUFLOW Team