Industry-leading hydraulic modelling software for flood, urban drainage, estuarine and coastal assessments. Setting the benchmark for accuracy, speed, and workflow efficiency for the past 30 years.

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TUFLOW is a suite of advanced 1D/2D/3D computer simulation software for flooding, urban drainage, coastal hydraulics, sediment transport, particle tracking and water quality. With over 30 years of continuous development, TUFLOW is internationally recognised as the industry leader for hydraulic modelling accuracy, speed and workflow efficiency.

A key reason for TUFLOW's success is our support team of software developers and experienced modellers. They are renowned for their prompt, practical, helpful advice so that you can achieve your modelling objectives, and produce reliable, defendable solutions. We're here to help you solve your water modelling problems.

TUFLOW Applications

TUFLOW is the industry leader in benchmarked, accurate computer simulation software for a diverse range of applications: flooding assessments; infrastructure design and optimisation; dam break assessment; urban drainage;  emergency response planning; coastal hydraulics; sediment transport; coastal, estuarine and freshwater receiving water quality assessments and much more.

Explore the many different ways TUFLOW can be applied to help solve your real-world problems.


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No Limit to Model Sizes

All licences are unlimited. There is no restriction on the number of 1D channels, pipes, structures, 2D elements or 3D layers.


Build models in the GIS or GUI development environments you’re most comfortable using.

Unrivaled Functionality

Take advantage of the unparalleled range of model build tools and event management features. Run thousands of scenarios and events from the one file.


TUFLOW grid and flexible mesh solvers, and the unrivalled 1D/2D linking functionality, are industry leaders for numerical stability.


Model with confidence. Developed over 30 years, TUFLOW solvers are industry leaders solving all the physical terms using non-diffusive numerical schemes.


Benefit from using the fastest CPU and GPU solvers available without compromising accuracy!

Training and Events

Learn how to use TUFLOW by attending our training courses and workshops:

  • Online and in-person; introductory and advanced
  • New release workshops
  • Educational webinars
  • Biennial UK/Europe TUFLOW Conference
  • Industry conference presentations and workshops
  • Customised training in-house that is tailored-made to suit your needs

All TUFLOW trainers and presenters are either members of the TUFLOW software development team or an expert modeller who works with the development team on a daily basis.

Training and Event Details

Pricing - Perpetual to Cloud

TUFLOW has a wide range of licencing flexibility to suit everyone from students to global corporations.

  • Free or demo mode that allows users to self-train, create and commercially apply small models with full access to our acclaimed support services at no cost. 
  • Local or network configurations available.
  • Host licences on a transferable USB key, software lock, or your organisation's Cloud.
  • Value add or turbo-charge your modelling with add-on modules that suit your modelling needs and objectives.
  • Buy licences outright, purchase an annual subscription, run simulations on the Cloud, or rent on a monthly basis.
  • No limitations on licensing across offices, regions or countries.
  • Unlimited number of 1D/2D/3D elements - create the models you really need without constraints. 
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