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Training is available by the software authors and experienced modellers. Users can also self-train with assistance from an experienced modeller by using the Tutorial Models.

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Training Options

Training is available by the software authors and experienced modellers. Users can also self-train, preferably with assistance from an experienced modeller by using the Tutorial Models. The general options for training are:

And, of course, our TUFLOW Support team are available to help out with any queries you have. Please contact should you require more information, guidance or clarification.

Training Courses


In-person generic training courses are led by an experienced trainer and are suited to larger groups. Classroom courses typically have up to 12 trainees with an additional trainer for classes over 6 and extend over one or two days. For online courses, class sizes are limited to 4 to 6 and are usually spread over one or more half days.

eLearning Portal

Our new 24/7 eLearning courses are an excellent way of learning if you can't attend an in-person course or prefer to learn at your own pace in your own time. All courses include online Q&A sessions with our experts to answer those questions you couldn't resolve yourself. Try one of the free courses to it out.

See the Training Catalogue for the full list of available courses.

Training Catalogue
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Videos and Webinars

Educational Webinars

Whether you use TUFLOW or other software, you can learn much insight and knowledge on hydraulic and environmental modelling from the decades of wisdom and experience accrued by our experts through our free Expert Webinar series. These are highly recommended at any stage of your career.

Modelling Videos

Watch our educational modelling videos to learn when and how to apply TUFLOW along with useful tips and tricks using GIS and other software.  

Project Based

The most effective form of training is customised, project based training. In most situations the training focuses on the trainee(s) developing a working model for a study or project with guidance by the trainer. This has proven to be very effective in meeting the specific needs of the trainees and maximises the trainees' learning. In addition, some/all of the training fees can often be recouped via the study's budget and workflow efficiencies gained. The aim of the training is to produce a working model, and to cover all the features that the modeller(s) require so that they can continue to construct and finish the model after the training has finished.

The length of training needed varies considerably depending on the experience and number of trainees and the range of features to be covered. Usually two to five days should be allowed for, and suits small groups of one to four. 

Please contact (include your contact phone number) for a trainer to contact you to discuss options and to provide a quote. The training can be conducted in-house, at one of our offices or online.

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Self Training

If you'd rather get started on your own there is a wealth of material and numerous free models that run licence free for self taught learning.

For TUFLOW Classic/HPC 1D and 2D grid based modelling, complete our free and paid 24/7 eLearning modules, watch our free educational modelling videos or see the TUFLOW Wiki Tutorial Models to follow step-by-step TUFLOW modelling instructions. 

A host of free example models are also available to download and assist your learning (it's so much easier if you have an example!).  Visit the TUFLOW Wiki or TUFLOW FV Wiki homepage and follow the links to the different Demo/Example Models. 

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Workshops and Conferences

We run an exciting programme of workshops and user conferences. Annual one day workshops are given, typically in the lead-up to or following a major release.  These workshops are usually for a day with presentations from the TUFLOW developers on the new features and functionality of the new release.  

The UK/Europe TUFLOW User Conference is held every second year instead of the workshops.  This two-day event brings together both TUFLOW modellers and the wider industry to discuss not only modelling but also flood risk management practices and trends within the UK and Europe.  

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