2021 Mid-Year TUFLOW Newsletter

Catch-up on TUFLOW highlights from the first half of 2021 and find out what is coming in the second half of the year

2021 Mid-Year Overview

Hot off the excitement of 2020 with our most influential and game-changing software releases we’ve continued that momentum into 2021.  The TUFLOW team has continued to grow and is now a nicely balanced mix of skills to service our users and continue our research and development ambitions.  After many years of devolving TUFLOW to the next generation, it is truly nice to have reached this goal.  Read on to find out about all the exciting things happening with TUFLOW in 2021.

TUFLOW Classic / HPC

A year on from the industry leading TUFLOW Classic/HPC 2020-10-AA release, we’ve been busy fine-tuning, value adding and making enhancements based on feedback from users. Based on this feedback, the 2020-10-AB release is currently being finalised 2020-10-AB after a period of beta testing.

In addition to finalising 2020-10-AB, we’ve been working on some big ticket items for the 2021 release, notably the new geopackage GIS format that offers substantial benefits in terms of GIS data management, very fast display times and version management. Interflow sub surface routing and much more will also be included in the 2021 release. 


Following the feature-packed additions to TUFLOW FV in 2020 (new sediment transport, particle tracking and GPU modules), the first half of 2021 has been a period of consolidation. We have been working on user education resources in parallel with the 2021 release. The 2021 release will welcome the unveiling of our new Water Quality Module that offers a major step forward in environmental modelling functionality. It will also see an upgrade to our computational engine, with improved scaling across multiple CPUs and GPUs.

We have been receiving excellent user feedback recently on multiple fronts, most notably for the accuracy and speed of TUFLOW FV, and the new feature development releases we continue to make year-on-year. TUFLOW FV has, and continues to be, the software of choice for high-profile metocean and environmental projects across the globe.

GIS Integration

Development and support for our GIS Integration tools is ever ongoing in response to the increasing number of applications and regions globally where TUFLOW is being used.

The TUFLOW QGIS plugin celebrated a milestone this year, turning 5 years old and exceeding 50,000 downloads in that short time. It's very pleasing and rewarding to see the plugin has a 5-star rating in the QGIS repository.

Finally, we have completed user documentation for the TUFLOW QGIS plugin. This was a mammoth work task, resulting in over 70 new pages being added to the TUFLOW Wiki. Click below for links to the new documentation and information on tool enhancements and new features, such as the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) hydrology runoff curve number and SWAN wave spectra model graphical user interfaces.

Education and Training

2021 has been a busy year for TUFLOW education. We started monthly free educational webinars in mid-2020. The webinar series has continued into 2021, with amazing popularity worldwide and fantastic feedback. Visit the TUFLOW Library to see the diverse list of upcoming webinars and recordings of past webinars, which are all highly educational and free to view.

We released numerous eLearning training courses in March. They are available 24/7 as an alternative to our instructor guided training schedule. In addition to the existing courses, we are currently working on a “Python for TUFLOW Modelling” eLearning course that will be released imminently.

Looking ahead, we have released our training schedule for the second half of 2021 and will be running the TUFLOW UK/Europe User Conference in Bristol this September.

Click the link below to access all these education resources and to register for the UK/Europe User Conference or for instructor guided training.