Expert Webinars

Collectively with over 100 years experience in developing and applying hydraulic models, hear from the TUFLOW Team on everything from hydraulic modelling to computer hardware

TUFLOW Expert Webinars

Hosted by AWS, TUFLOW's experts are giving a series of webinars on not just TUFLOW, but on all the considerations you need to take into account from hardware selection to the challenges of 3D water quality modelling.


Oct 21, 2020: Hardware selection and trends in hydraulic modelling

Nov 18, 2020: The importance of 2D cell size for accurate hydraulic modelling


Sep 2020: The Future of 2D Modelling

Jul 2019: How Wrong is Your Flood Model?

Sep 2020: The Future of 2D Modelling

Hear from Bill Syme, the original author of TUFLOW with over 30 years practical experience, as he discusses how new computational methods are increasing simulation speeds and analysis accuracy. Learn of the latest and greatest advancements, and the research that has underpinned TUFLOW’s 2020 release.

Jul 2019: How Wrong is Your Flood Model?

All models are wrong to some degree. If so, how wrong is the model and how do we as an industry quantify wrong? Where is the evidence base that a model is right? Watch as Bill Syme draws upon his 30 years experience in applying and developing hydraulic models.