Free Models

Learn TUFLOW using our free tutorial and demonstration models. Test your computer CPU and/or GPU hardware performance by running our standardised free speed benchmark models.

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Free Models

A large range of models are downloadable and can be run licence-free to support familiarisation with TUFLOW.  The tutorial models come with step-by-step guidance on how to set up and apply TUFLOW, whilst demonstration models are provided to showcase how to apply specialised features - it's so much easier working from an example model than starting with a blank screen!

Also, use our simulation speed benchmark dataset to test your own computer hardware performance. Use results gathered from the broader TUFLOW community to help in selecting the highest performance hardware next time compute facilities are upgraded.

The following sections point to the free model downloads and their documentation.

TUFLOW Classic/HPC Tutorials

TUFLOW Classic / HPC are our fixed grid and quadtree mesh solvers. Access free model datasets in ArcGIS, ArcPro, Flood Modeller, MapInfo, QGIS and SMS compatible formats. Tutorial topics include: 2D modelling, 1D culverts, 2D topography updates, 1D open channel nesting / 2D floodplain, multiple simulation scenario / logic /event commands, bridge simulation, urban pipe modelling, application of direct rainfall boundary conditions, multiple 2D domain / quadtree, and dam break modelling.

Tutorial documentation is available here on the TUFLOW Wiki.

Video demonstration is available here on the TUFLOW YouTube channel.

Tutorial Model Data Download
Matilijia River Depth Application Size 475x480

TUFLOW FV Flexible Mesh Tutorials

TUFLOW FV is our flexible mesh solver. Access free model datasets in SMS format (ArcGIS, ArcPro, QGIS datasets and documentation are coming soon). Tutorial topics include: 2D mesh development, coastal, estuary and floodplain applications.

Tutorial documentation is available here on the TUFLOW FV Wiki.

Tutorial Model Data Download

TUFLOW Classic/HPC Example Models

The free example models are a set of more than 80 standalone models that demonstrate some of the most commonly used features of TUFLOW.

The example models are separated into the following categories: basic 2D model, output options, boundary condition options, topography updates, loss options, scenario/event management, bridges, 1D/2D modelling, 1D structure operational controls, 2D/2D modelling and TUFLOW HPC (including GPU hardware)

Example model documentation is available here on the TUFLOW Wiki.


TUFLOW Classic/HPC Models
Ventura Quadtree 003 475x480

Hardware Benchmark Models

This is a suite of standardised models for hardware benchmark testing. Results from over 60 different computer systems are currently documented using this model dataset. Run the models on your own computer and share the results with the TUFLOW Team to further build the result dataset to benefit the broader TUFLOW User community. 

Hardware benchmark test documentation, general hardware configuration advice and also results summary tables for the 60+ hardware types are available here on the TUFLOW Wiki.

Hardware Benchmark Data Download