Support Services 2020

Support services excel again with the highest ranking of all our offerings from our user survey

Support Services and User Education Resources

A priority function of the TUFLOW business, our support services constitutes far more than simply help via An ever increasing library of digital online resources (Wikis, webinars, videos, publications, presentations, insight articles), community discussion forums and user groups, and user manuals are available to all. But most importantly, providing users with high quality, personalised, useful and pragmatic advice is our number one priority.

2020 Highlights

Highlights from 2020 include:

We communicate all user resource updates and other useful discussions/articles throughout the year via the TUFLOW LinkedIn User Group. So, if you're not already a member we highly recommend signing up.


Looking ahead to 2021 we have plans in place for an update to the TUFLOW Classic/HPC manual to incorporate all information from the 2018 and 2020 release notes.

We are also commencing a complete rework of the free online tutorials and example models to cover the most recent release features in the most easily digestible format possible.

Webinars scheduled over the next four months include topics focusing on sediment transport, validity of direct rainfall or rain-on-grid modelling, and water quality modelling - register with AWS via the links on our webinars page. Future webinars beyond March will be decided and advertised in January.

Finally, as our user base grows year on year the number of queries to also increases. We received a record 4,600 support queries in 2020 - we hope you found our replies helpful! We have certainly received fantastic feedback, however, if you'd like to provide feedback more formally, please email

Looking forward to supporting and helping you in 2021!

Pavlina Monhartova and Joe Stobart

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