TT052: Python for TUFLOW Modellers

An introduction to Python scripting and how to automate tasks, including customised data manipulation and plot creation for reporting and model health analysis.


Programing/scripting is an excellent way to increase modelling workflow efficiency. TUFLOW uses non-propriety file formats for all inputs and outputs. This feature of TUFLOW makes it extremely amenable to customised scripting. Python is one of the fastest growing coding languages. Also, it is conveniently compatible with the various GIS software TUFLOW modellers often use for their modelling tasks.  

This online half day hands-on course teaches Python basics, using automated plot creation of TUFLOW results for reports and model health review as a hands-on teaching dataset. The benefits of these tools are considerable workflow efficiencies gains when calibrating a model and improved quality control processes when reviewing model outputs. Python also opens the doors to enhanced result charting capabilities. The skills gained in this course will enable users with the base knowledge to customise any automation script to increase modelling efficiency. Get creative and embrace scripting for the unlimited benefits it offers.


Course Topics

Introduction to Python
What is Python?
Installation, versions
Integrated Development Environment

Python Hands-on Exercises
Hello World!
Building a function
Data manipulation and plotting
TUFLOW library and automating TUFLOW result plotting
Automating TUFLOW model health checks

Advanced Python Use
Working with gridded results
Training day recap
Q&A session