TT004E: Introduction to Python for TUFLOW - Free eLearning

eLearning course providing an introduction to Python scripting for TUFLOW modelling. Discover Python as a tool for the automation of everyday repetitive modelling tasks.

TT004E: Introduction to Python for TUFLOW - eLearning


Programing/scripting is an excellent way to increase modelling workflow efficiency. TUFLOW uses non-propriety file formats for all inputs and outputs. This feature of TUFLOW makes it extremely amenable to customised scripting. Python is one of the fastest growing coding languages. Also, it is conveniently compatible with the various GIS software TUFLOW modellers often use for their modelling tasks.  

This eLearning course teaches Python basics, using automated plot creation of TUFLOW results as a hands-on teaching dataset. The benefits of these tools are considerable workflow efficiencies gains when calibrating a model and improved quality control processes when reviewing model outputs. The skills gained in this course will provide users with the base knowledge required to design, create and customise other automation scripts to increase workflow efficiency. 


Course Topics

Introduction to Python
What is Python?
Downloading/installing Python and Pycharm
General workflow - Creating a new Python project and virtual environment
Installing external libraries (matplotlib, Panda, pytuflow etc.)

Guided Hands-on Exercises
Running and debugging Python code
Python basics- syntax, coding style guide, data types and functions
Opening and reading files
Writing files
Data filtering
TUFLOW result viewing/plotting and post processing