TT152: Urban Drainage Pipe Networks

Learn how to apply TUFLOW’s extensive capabilities for modelling pipe network drainage systems in conjunction with surface flows. Also learn how to use automated methods to quality check and correct errors in large pipe network datasets.


TUFLOW's 1D solver (ESTRY) is one of the most advanced 1D pipe network and open channel solvers available. TUFLOW is quickly becoming the software of choice for integrated catchment modelling due to it's accuracy, simulation speed and also the ease in which large 1D pipe datasets (>10,000 pipes) can be managed.

This online half day hands-on course teaches the detailed hydraulic loss features built into TUFLOW which enable it to achieve such accurate pipe network flood behaviour estimates. Having learnt those details, attendees will complete various exercises using a model including a pipe network drainage system, coupled to above ground surface flows modelled in 2D. Further to this, attendees will also learn how to use automated methods to quality check and correct errors in large complex pipe network datasets using the free QGIS TUFLOW Plugin. This is a particularly useful tool and skill when working with large pipe network datasets, where by comparison manual review of input data quality may accidentally miss data mistakes, subsequently translating to modelling errors.



TUFLOW Underground Drainage Theory
Pits, pipes, manholes overview in TUFLOW
Manhole/junction loss calculation method
1D / 2D linking mechanisms
Pit inlet types

Hands-on Urban Model Build
Importing data into TUFLOW format
Checking integrity of underground pipe data
Scenario management in TUFLOW
Efficient simulation management using batch files
Reviewing results