2023 TUFLOW Training Schedule

2023 TUFLOW Training Schedule

We are pleased to announce our 2023 training schedule. The 2023 calendar includes in-person events in eight locations and various online instructor guided courses. The online courses provide global coverage, timed to align with business hours in Australia / New Zealand, United Kingdom / Europe and America. In addition to our in-person training events, you will be pleased to learn that our self-teach eLearning courses and TUFLOW Wiki tutorial database continue to grow: 

  • In preparation for the upcoming TUFLOW Classic and HPC 2022 release we have published a new eLearning course titled “Introduction to GDAL for TUFLOW”.  This course introduces participants to the GDAL programs by working through several practical examples. The lessons teach how to install GDAL, how to convert between raster formats (e.g. ASC to GeoTiff) and vector formats (e.g. Shapefile to Geopackage), and how to access advanced options (such as compression tools). 

  • Earlier this year we published a complete revision of our TUFLOW Wiki Tutorials. The new dataset now runs all tutorials using the HPC solver. The associated documentation is also new in content, style and structure.  

Although not a training event, our UK / European users will be pleased to learn that our User Conference will run on 24 / 25 May in Bristol (United Kingdom). Save the date and stay tuned for future announcements.   

Links to our in-person classroom, in-person online, on-demand eLearning and self-teach tutorial modules are tabulated below. We look forward to seeing everyone at the in-person and online events in 2023.  

Sincerely the TUFLOW Team  


Event & Registration Link Date/Format/Location
TT100: Introductory Training

25 Jan, Online (UK / Europe) 
22 Feb, Online (USA)  
1 Mar, Classroom (Auckland, New Zealand)  
2 May, Classroom (Adelaide, Australia) 
13 Jun, Classroom (Brisbane, Australia) 
25 Jul, Classroom (Melbourne, Australia) 
1 Aug, Online (USA) 
15 Aug, Classroom (Sydney, Australia) 
13 Sep, Online (UK / Europe) 
19 Sep, Classroom (Hobart, Australia) 
10 Oct, Classroom (Perth, Australia) 

21 Mar, Online (Australia) 
22 Aug, Online (Australia) 

TT151: Direct Rainfall, Losses and Cell Size Selection 

12 Oct, Online (UK / Europe)

TT152: Urban Drainage Pipe Networks

22 Mar, Online (Australia) 
23 Aug, Online (Australia) 
11 Oct, Online (UK / Europe)

TT154: Model Quality Control

8 Mar, Online (UK / Europe) 
28 Mar, Online (Australia) 
29 Aug, Online (Australia) 

TT052: Python for TUFLOW Modellers

6 Sep, Online (UK / Europe)

TT158: 2022 Release Workshop

8 Mar, Classroom (Auckland, New Zealand)

2023 UK/Europe TUFLOW User Conference

24/25 May, Conference (Bristol, UK)

Various eLearning Courses 

- Introduction to TUFLOW 
- Culverts and Bridges 
- Scenario Management 
- Python for TUFLOW 

24/7 On-Demand,
Self-teach Online eLearning  

Various Wiki Tutorials  

- 2D Model Build 
- Topography Updates 
- 1D Culverts 
- 2D Bridges 
- Integrated Urban Drainage 
- Direct Rainfall 
- Quadtree 
- Scenario Management 
- Event Management 
- Dam Break 
- 1D Open Channel

24/7 On-Demand,
Self-teach Online Tutorial Modules