New TUFLOW HPC Tutorials

Next Generation TUFLOW HPC Tutorials

New TUFLOW HPC Tutorials

We have completed a full revision of our self-teaching, licence free tutorials. The new datasets and documentation can be found at 

One important change is that all new HPC tutorials follow a standalone format meaning any tutorial from the list can be carried out without needing to finish prior tutorials, i.e. there’s no longer a need to complete the tutorials in sequence.  

Another change is the style and content with the step-by-step instructions being accompanied by short demonstration videos to make it easier for the steps to be followed.  

The new tutorials are based around the TUFLOW HPC solver given industry’s strong uptake and preference for HPC over Classic.  If available, using an Nvidia GPU is recommended for the tutorial simulations to benefit from faster runtimes, however, the models can be run on CPU with a simple change to one command if a GPU is not available.  

Sub-Grid Sampling (SGS) is set as the default for all models to demonstrate the additional accuracy SGS offers. Quadtree meshing allowing spatially refining or coarsening the cell size replaces the TUFLOW Classic Multi 2D Domain feature.  

For viewing results the QGIS TUFLOW Plugin is used for the documentation and videos. 

All new HPC tutorials will be extended to include the powerful new Geo-package database format as part of the 2022 release due later this year.  Layers in the Geo-package database format are much faster to read and write than shapefiles, and can contain multiple geometries and multiple layers within one file.  

If you have any feedback relating to the new tutorials and documentation, please email