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  2. We are happy to announce that the 2019 TUFLOW FV Manual is now available online via the TUFLOW website: https://www.tuflow.com/FV Documentation.aspx. There’s over 120 pages of new and upgraded content including: · New GIS integration commands · A new section on 3D model setup · Increased guidance on boundary and initial conditions · Hydraulic structures and operational controls · Example models, command snippets and demos · Update of all command appendices to be compliant with the 2019 Release. Over the next six months we will be providing regular updates to the Manual to integrate documentation for our advection dispersion, sediment transport, particle tracking and water quality users. If you would like to know more, please contact us at support@tuflow.com.
  3. Hi Jesper, Where can we get he mybathy function? All the best, Camille
  4. Thanks to Mitch Smith's suggestion, I converted .asc to .flt and the file size dropped from 100GB to 18GB. Read Grid Zpts worked fine with the smaller .flt
  5. Hi, I tried to use Read Grid Zpts == ...\<file>.asc to assign elevation to my FV mesh. It is a large ASCII grid (~100GB) which is in the same projection as the mesh. The RAM on the system is much higher than the file size (~192GB). I have read/write access to the folder where the ASCII grid resides. The file unit is being opened; memory being allocated and the file unit is being closed, but it crashes with the fortran (157) access violation error as soon as it is closed and the model doesn't proceed any further. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks, Kaushal
  6. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar out! Should have looked at this hours ago
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