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XP-SWMM Link and Graphical User Interface

XP Software has incorporated the TUFLOW engine into their user-friendly graphical interfaces of XPSWMM and XPStorm to enable users to seamlessly link the 1D capabilities of XPSWMM and XPStorm with the 2D capabilities of TUFLOW. These graphical interfaces handle all preprocessing of input data, launching and monitoring model calculations, and graphical post-processing of modeling results.

XPSWMM or XPStorm with TUFLOW provides an integrated 1D/2D model that analyzes the whole of a drainage area – hydrology, hydraulics, channel flow, pipe flow, pumped flow, and overland flow. A powerful feature of XP Software packages is the ability to dynamically link any 1D (quasi-2D) model in an fully integrated fashion. The user sets up the model as a combination of 1D network domains linked to 2D domains as single model. It provides an incredibly accurate tool to predict the extent, depth, velocity and duration of flooding to evaluate flood mitigation technologies and management practices.

All of XPSWMM’s and XPStorm’s familiar tools for generating tables, graphs, maps and animations are available for reviewing, analyzing and presenting model results. New 2D and 3D animation tools make it easy to present results to managers and decision makers.

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XP2D is available as an add-on to any license of XPSWMM or XPStorm v.10 or up. Contact XP-Software at

Alameda Flood Zoom