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FVG objects construct a matlab patch object for the actual image that is presented on screen. Each face of the patch object represents the cells of the model, and the corners of these faces represent the vertices.

The handle to this patch object is stored as a property of the fvg objects, which allow us to customize various aspects of the visualisation.

Just a few of the options for this:

If you want to apply a slight transparency to the entire mesh equally, you can edit the patch object's facealpha property.

sheet1 = fvgsheet(fobj, modfil)

patchhandle = sheet1.PatchObj;

set( patchhandle , 'FaceAlpha', 0.5)

This sets all the faces of the patch to be 50% transparent.


Be careful when setting these patch properties as some of them will be updated by moving the slider bar, and all your hard work will be erased.

for more info on patches and their properties, see MathWorks documentation on patches.





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