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  1. Sometimes in the initialisation of a model you may come across this error:
    ERROR:fvdomain_construct:fvinitout:fvout_construct:process_nodestring:Nodestring 1, segment 1 does not correspond to any model face.
    This is caused when TUFLOWFV has found a nodestring between two nodes that do not also have a face between them.
    If you have created the nodestring within SMS then you may find that you have not held down the shift key while creating your nodestring (will automatically include all the nodes between the two that you click), if you dont do this then sms only includes the first node you clicked, and the second node you clicked in the nodestring.
    If you created an external nodestring through TUFLOWFV and you have had this error returned check whether or not you need to have the boundary flag then  try adding more waypoints as a first start, if this fails to work please post here or contact TUFLOWFV support.

  2. Post on Consecutive node and element numbering in Mesh Building

    By Chris Nielsen, posted
    When generating a mesh in SMS, I notice that the element and node numbers aren't always consecutive. This is especially the case if I am editing an existing mesh, or delete specific sections, etc.
    Does this have any consequence on running TUFLOW FV?