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  1. Toby Devlin added a post in a topic rain temperature   

    Hi Ale,
    The bc default will be set to NaN. You can specify bc default == 20, etc. If you wish to apply a constant value.
    However, builds from 2014.01.024 onward will take the surface water temperature when the model finds NaN for precipitation temperature.
  2. Alessandra added a topic in Boundary Conditions   

    rain temperature
    Dear all
    Does anyone know what is the default value for rain temperature if not provided in the BC file?
    Many thanks,
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  3. rainmaker added a post in a topic Error reading bc scale factor   

    Looks like you have an extra comma at the end of the line with no value after that and this is causing an error reading the control file. Hope that helps!
  4. Riders of Rohan added a topic in Errors   

    Error reading bc scale factor
    I have included a bc scale factor into my current model but it produces an error relating to this bc scale.
    I can't see what the issue is. Any ideas what might be causing this error?
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  5. Riders of Rohan added a post in a topic Duplicate grid labels are not permitted   

    Hi Toby,
    After checking through my model I found that the additional SWAN nest was referencing the same grid as the other wave nest. After changing the grid definition label to something different the model runs fine now!
  6. Toby Devlin added a post in a topic Can't add HDF5 file metatdata   

    Hi Rohan,
    Most likely the output path name either has a typo in it, or not all of the folders have been created yet. Double check that the path exists exactly as specified in the error log.
  7. Toby Devlin added a post in a topic Duplicate grid labels are not permitted   

    Hi Rohan,
    The error is most likely to you having two (or more) BCs specified on grids, but the grids have been given the same name. Double check the names of the grids you have specified and make sure they are all unique.
  8. Riders of Rohan added a topic in Errors   

    Duplicate grid labels are not permitted
    I am trying to initialise a TUFLOW FV model. Once FV reads the mesh elevation levels the following error message is displayed and the model shuts down.
    ERROR: Duplicate grid labels are not permitted.
    A screenshot is shown below. The model previously ran through to completion although this iteration of the model includes an additional nested wave model and some changes to the BC's. It seems strange it would produce an error after reading the mesh elevations.

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  9. Riders of Rohan added a topic in Errors   

    Can't add HDF5 file metatdata
    I am trying to initialise a TUFLOW FV model, however it keeps on crashing with an Error saying  NetCDF: Can't add HDF5 file metadata.
    I've attached a screenshot of the issue. Any ideas as to what I may have done wrong?

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  10. Toby Devlin added a post in a topic 1D culvert model question   

    Hi Keith,
    There are also alternative update options for cell-centered bathymetry such as polylines and polygons. These are all specified in the TUFLOWFV manual section 4.2.2
  11. keith marcoe added a post in a topic 1D culvert model question   

    Thanks, Toby.
    I will create a cell elevation file, and adjust the relevant cells so that they are lower than the culvert inverts.
  12. Toby Devlin added a post in a topic 1D culvert model question   

    Hi Keith,
    You are correct that the elevations of the model may need to be changed. The extreme case is when the cells adjacent to the culvert are so high as to not get wet at all, then there can be no flow through the structure. Even if they are wet however, the flow will be limited as the culvert appears cut off by the bathymetry.
    Have you specified the mesh elevations within the .2dm file or through a separate cell-centered csv?
    If you have specified through the .2dm, keep in mind that as TUFLOWFV is cell-centered, the true elevation internal to the model will be interpolated from the mesh vertices to the centroid of each cell. This can make things difficult in situations such as yours when attempting to control that cell without changing others.
    If not, then it should be a simple method to adjust the elevation of the relevant cells to be equal to or less than the culvert invert, and not affect any other cells.
  13. keith marcoe added a topic in Structures   

    1D culvert model question
    I am trying to model a culvert passing underneath a road/levee, and am wondering how the mesh cell elevations should be defined in relation to the culvert inverts at this location.  Currently, my mesh elevations are representative of the road surface (approx 5.6 m) elevation, and my culvert inverts are specified in the culvert definition file at lower elevations (3.45 and 3.35 m for US and DS inverts, respectively).  This generates the following warning when the model simulation initializes:  'Culvert upstream invert is less than ground elevation'.
    The simulation runs ok, but I would like to know if this is being represented correctly, or if the mesh elevations should be set at, or lower than, the culvert invert elevations.
    Attached figure should help clarify.
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  14. PHA added a post in a topic Setting ICs for tracer levels   

    Thank you, that sounds just the job!
    As a side (but perhaps related) thought, might the FV manual be on the list for updating now the Classic manual has achieved release? Please?
  15. Toby Devlin added a post in a topic Setting ICs for tracer levels   

    Hi PHA,
    It seems what you are most likely looking for is an 'initial condition 2D' specification.
    Initial condition 2D == my_initial_2d_file.csv
    Where the csv has a header line that is ID, TRACE_1, and corresponding values below.
    The first column is the cell ids, you don't need all of them, just the ones that you wish to change, though you can specify all if you wish, and the second column is the tracer concentration you want to initialise the model with, ie. 100.  You can also use these files to set the water level (WL) current velocity (U, V), salinity (SAL), temperature (TEMP) and any other tracers you are modelling (TRACE_2, TRACE_3, etc) if you wish.
    We are also working on improving our BCs with FC_POLY boundaries, allowing users to have scalar inflows over all the cells within a user-specified polygon.
  16. PHA added a topic in Initial Conditions   

    Setting ICs for tracer levels
    Hi folks,
    We're looking to start a simulation with one body of water (out of many) filled with tracer so we can see where it ends up as the simulation progresses. It's not apparent from the documentation that this is possible except globally; is there a way to do this this locally? Alternatively, is there something analogous to an SA boundary which could include tracer in an inflow over an area (so a small inflow in the first minute with large concentration of tracer, then nothing further for the rest of the simulation)? We currently have applied 11,000 cell boundaries, one for every cell in the area we're interested in! Which sort of works, but ends up with different concentrations in each cell as the element sizes vary (because they all they the same same small quantity of additional water with, with the same concentration of tracer, but have differing volumes of water already in the cells).
    Any advice or top tips greatly appreciated! I'm hoping we've just missed something in the currently available tool kit, but if this isn't currently possible, could it perhaps be made so? (That is, both setting initial conditions for tracers locally and being able to apply an SA type inflow complete with tracer).
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  17. zhanglei added a post in a topic Controlled structure examples   

    I have defined a weir structure in the downstream of a lake, and a HQ boundary. But the results showed a sharp jump when the precipitation was 0.088m. But the observed data don't change so great (blue line-obs). Could you please give me some advise? Thanks.
    Best wishes.

  18. zhanglei added a post in a topic how to define weir boundary   

    Thank you very much.
  19. Toby Devlin added a post in a topic how to define weir boundary   

    Hi Lei,
    Thanks for posting. There are a few options to fixing your problem. The key is that the model by default will extrapolate internal water levels into the 'ghost cells' downstream of your weir. This means that the weir has the same water level either side causing complications.
    There are three options to force the model to do what you want.
    1. You can add extra cells downstream of your weir and set a water level boundary around those cells to ensure they are always lower than your weir crest.
    2. You can just add a water level boundary to the same nodestring as your weir is on. This is the same as solution 1 except the water level boundary will apply to the ghost cells so you cannot extract results from the ghost cells to confirm, though it doesn't require changing your mesh.
    3. Instead of a weir structure you can specify an HQ bc boundary on your nodestring. HQ bcs require a comma delimited file of water levels and corresponding flow rates (make sure that you use negative flows for outflows). You can specify a range of water levels H and then use flows specified by Q = CBhd2/3  where hd is the height of water above your weir crest, not necessarily the same as the H column. The model will then interpolate the flows linearly between the water levels that you choose. ie. for a 100m wide channel with a weir crest at -2m and a weir coefficient of 1.
  20. zhanglei added a topic in Boundary Conditions   

    how to define weir boundary
    The outlet of my simulated lake was a weir. When the water level was bigger than 130m, it wiil has outflow. I only define this weir in fvc file as follow: 
    structure == Nodestring, 4                          !Weir                          
      Flux function == weir                             !Weir flag 
      Properties == 130,1.0                                                        !Weir elevation, weir coeffecient
    end structure
    But when I run the model, only very small inflow can make the water level of lake increase sharply. So I suspect a problem with the weir.
    I need your help to define a outflow boundary as a weir. 
    Thanks very much.
    Best wishes.
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  21. Toby Devlin added a post in a topic unable to open file:../output/ _H.dat   

    Hi Lei,
    without seeing your control file i would assume that the directory ../output/  may not exist?
    TuflowFV assumes that to be the default output directory, if you wish to have the output written to a different location then please use the command
    output dir == /my/output/directory/
    If this isnt your problem, then I will need to see your control file.
  22. zhanglei added a topic in Model Building   

    unable to open file:../output/ _H.dat
    I am running the tuflow,but it displays the error: unable to open file:../output/ _H.dat. Could you please tell me the possible reason and how to solve it ?thanks
    Best wishes,
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  23. Toby Devlin added a post in a topic how to run fuflow-fv in Linux system   

    Hi Welcome to the forum,
    There is an existing post for installation of TuflowFv on a linux system:

    If you are referring to the process of actually running the software, you can call the command with the control file as the argument,
    user@linuxmachine: ~> /home/software/tuflowfv/trunk/platform/linux_ifort/tuflowfv  my_control_file.fvc
    or if you have used a link to shortcut the command
    user@linuxmachine: ~>    tuflowfv  my_control_file.fvc
  24. zhanglei added a topic in Model Building   

    how to run fuflow-fv in Linux system
    I want to run fuflow fv in a linux system, could you tell me how to do? And is there any hanbooks for the using of fuflow fv in linux system.
    Best wishes,
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  25. added a topic in Dongles/Licensing/Installation   

    Linux installation
    The TUFLOW FV Linux installation is as follows:
     1. Download and install codemeter service
    >> rpm -ivh CodeMeter64-5.10.1224-501.x86_64.rpm
    2. Install tuflowfv, e.g.
    >> rpm -ivh --nodeps --prefix=<installdir> tuflowfv-dev-1.x86_64.rpm
    3. Set PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables, e.g.
    >> PATH=<installdir>/bin:$PATH
    >> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<installdir>/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    3. Run tuflowfv
    >> tuflowfv
    If the installation was successful then you should be able to hit enter when prompted for the input file and the license availability information will be output to the screen:

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