TUFLOW Tutorial / Demo Models


Tutorial Models Wiki: Learn TUFLOW at your own pace with these datasets.

Example Models Wiki: Over 50 example models developed to demonstrate the most commonly used TUFLOW features and applications.

Demo Models Wiki: A series of demonstration models developed as part of three “challenges” issued prior to the 2012 Flood Managers Association (FMA) Conference in Sacramento, USA.

Hardware Benchmark Models Wiki: A suite of standardised models for hardware benchmark testing. Results from over 60 different computer systems are documented here. Submit your results and add to the database.

Model Downloads

Dataset Modelling Environment
Tutorial Models Model Files (ArcGIS) Model Files (MapInfo) Model Files (QGIS) Model Files (SMS)
Example Models Example Model Files (ArcGIS) Example Model Files (MapInfo) Example Model Files (QGIS) Not Available
Demo Models FMA Demo Model 1 Files (ArcGIS)

FMA Demo Model 2 Files (ArcGIS)
FMA Demo Model 1 Files (MapInfo)

FMA Demo Model 2 Files (MapInfo)
FMA Demo Model 1 Files (QGIS)

FMA Demo Model 2 Files (QGIS)
Not Available
Hardware Benchmark Models Hardware Benchmark Files

System Requirements

  • Windows 7/10 (32 and 64 bit) recommended. Recent versions of TUFLOW are not tested on older versions of Windows.
  • Each licensed instance (simulation) requires access to a TUFLOW licence on a USB Lock.
  • Free TUFLOW Demo and tutorial models do not require a TUFLOW licence or a USB Lock.
  • Local Locks allow licences to be activated on a single computer.
  • Local Locks can be relocated from one computer to another whilst no licences are activated.
  • Network Locks allow users to access licences across the Licensee’s intranet with no restrictions.
  • Additional software to develop TUFLOW models and view output is required.
  • Later PC chips are recommended with a minimum of 2Gb RAM and large HDD.