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TUFLOW Classic has 1D and 2D CPU based solvers. The 2D solver is a proven, industry established, implicit 2nd order spatial finite difference solution of the full 2D hydrodynamic equations, while the 1D solver is an explicit 2nd order solution of the full 1D equations. Both solvers include the handling of upstream controlled flow regimes such as weir and supercritical flows, and can be easily linked.

The TUFLOW Classic solvers are one of the world’s most successfully applied with extensive use to a wide range of applications for over 25 years. During the last 15 years, numerous enhancements have been made to fine-tune the performance of both 1D and 2D solutions, especially for modelling the more complex flows associated with flooding and for urban drainage. The 1D/2D dynamic linking capabilities are also tried and proven through 25 years of continual application and enhancement, and lead the way in seamless 1D/2D dynamically linked models.

TUFLOW HPC (Heavily Parallelised Compute) is a powerful new 2D solver. As its name implies it utilises the substantial power of parallel computing. TUFLOW HPC can be simulated on CPU or NVidia GPU hardware (if paired with the GPU Hardware Module). CPU compatibility is provided at no extra cost with a standard TUFLOW Classic purchase.

The 2D solver is an explicit solution of the full 2D Shallow Water Equations, including sub-grid scale eddy viscosity. The scheme is volume and momentum conserving, is 2nd order spatially and 4th order in time. Adaptive (unconditionally stable) or fixed time-stepping options are available. The 2D solver is dynamically linked with TUFLOW’s 1D solver ESTRY in 2017, as such it now includes full 1D pit, pipe, culvert and open channel functionality.

The power of modern GPUs combined with the super fast TUFLOW solver allows very large models (>>10 million cells) with fine grids to be simulated within a practical timeframe. The adaptive time-stepping guarantees that the model remains stable. The solver can operate over multiple GPU cards.

The HPC solver is built inside TUFLOW Classic, and therefore includes the powerful pre and post-processing capabilities that make TUFLOW hydraulic modelling highly work flow efficient are available.

TUFLOW HPC in combination with the GPU Hardware Module, has been designed for high accuracy, high-speed solutions of complex 1D and 2D hydraulics. It is ideally suited to:

  • Integrated urban drainage applications, including 1D underground stormwater pipe network and 2D above ground features.
  • Direct rainfall applications, as an alternative to using hydrologic models (i.e.. whole of catchment modelling);
  • Broad-scale regional rapid hydraulic solutions;
  • Real-time flood inundation forecasting; and
  • High resolution 2D solutions.