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SMS TUFLOW Interface

The SMS software has been enhanced to offer a full Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the TUFLOW Engine (SMS could previously be used to only view TUFLOW output). For those who prefer one overall interface instead of using GIS and text files, this is an excellent option. It also offers easy assimilation with the GIS approach as all file formats used are the same.

The SMS TUFLOW Interface was first released with SMS Version 9.2, and provides a complete Graphical User Interface (GUI) for TUFLOW. SMS 10.0 includes further enhancements to the TUFLOW GUI including simplification of the boundary conditions, support for flow constriction layers, the ability to setup multiple 2D domains, and automatic 2D HQ Boundaries.

SMS 10.0 also includes a visualisation only module for those who just wish to use SMS as a post-processor (ie. use GIS for the model development environment, and use SMS to view results (without the SMS Demo watermarks), create and save animations, and print output). The Visualisation only module is sold separately and costs significantly less that the GUI.

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Note: You can purchase just the Visualisation Module, the modules needed for the SMS TUFLOW GUI, or you can purchase the GUI Modules and the TUFLOW Engine (referred to as TUFLOW Model). The TUFLOW Engine licence and first line support is tied to the SMS Licensing system, ie. a TUFLOW dongle is not issued.

SMS is developed and maintained by Aquaveo, and is distributed by Environmental Modeling Systems Incorporated.