TUFLOW Products

At the core of TUFLOW products are three numerical engines: TUFLOW Classic, TUFLOW GPU and TUFLOW FV.

TUFLOW Classic is our flagship 1D network and 2D fixed grid based software for simulating flood and tidal flow. TUFLOW's unparalleled 1D/2D dynamic linking capabilities, robustness, established performance and wide ranging functionality, arguably make it the world's most powerful 1D/2D hydrodynamic computational engine.

TUFLOW GPU is our new 2D fixed grid software package. The software uses a computers graphic card for is computations, instead of the computers processing unit (CPU). This change has significant run time benefits, resulting in between 10 to 100 times reductions in simulation time compared to TUFLOW Classic. TUFLOW GPU is limited to 2D applications, and as such currently has limited functionality compared to TUFLOW Classic. The runtime benefits of this software are however extremely powerful for broad-scale regional assessments which may have otherwise been too computationally intensive to model using a CPU type model.

TUFLOW FV is our new 2D/3D flexible mesh, finite volume numerical model that simulates hydrodynamic, sediment transport and water quality processes in oceans, coastal waters, estuaries, rivers and floodplains. The flexible mesh model structure allows users to modify mesh resolution spatially, seamlessly increasing the model resolution in areas of interest. This modelling approach reduces the number of computation cells in a model and hence reduces simulation times. Additionally, TUFLOW FV has been parallelised. This means users can fully capitalise on the computing power of multiple processor/thread computers.

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