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Why Choose TUFLOW?

No Limit to Model Sizes

All licences are unlimited. There is no restriction on the number of 1D channels, pipes, structures, 2D elements or 3D layers.

Unrivaled Functionality

Take advantage of the unparalleled range of model build tools and event management features. Run all your scenarios and events from the one file.


Model with confidence. Developed over 25 years, TUFLOW solvers are world leaders solving all the terms in the 1D St Venant and 2D SWE equations.


Build models in the GIS or Graphical User Interface development environments you’re most comfortable using.


TUFLOW grid and flexible mesh solvers, and the unrivalled 1D/2D linking functionality, are industry leaders for numerical stability.


Benefit from using some of the fastest CPU and GPU solvers available! And no changes in run-time when you link in 1D elements.

User Support Resources

You will have access to extensive support options. Manuals, wikis, forums, free tutorials, User conferences, personalized support and more…