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Bill Syme (TUFLOW)

Bill has 25 years experience working on riverine, estuarine and coastal studies, of which most have been in the flood hydraulics field. He has successfully managed and led a wide range of flood studies in Australia and overseas. The TUFLOW 2D/1D hydrodynamic modelling system was developed by Bill commencing in 1989. Today, Bill manages the TUFLOW software operations and provides specialist flood modelling and management advice.


Phillip is involved in numerical modelling projects in the flooding and coastal areas. These include flood studies, floodplain management studies, flood impact assessments, storm tide studies, Monte Carlo analysis, wave modelling, coastal hydrodynamic and advection-dispersion modelling. Phillip co-ordinates the TUFLOW and TUFLOW FV pre and post processing utilities and manages TUFLOW, TUFLOW GPU and TUFLOW FV support and training.

Dr. Greg Collecutt (TUFLOW GPU)

Greg is the TUFLOW GPU engine author. He has in-depth expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and understanding of the Navier-Stokes equations. Greg has over twenty years of experience developing specialised software code for a wide variety of fluids, beyond simple flood hydrodynamics, ranging from dust explosions to photon field interactions.

Dr.Ian Teakle (TUFLOW FV)

Ian has particular expertise in coastal and estuarine process studies having completed a PhD at the University of Queensland in coastal sediment transport modelling. Ian applies numerical models to coastal process assessments in the context of Environmental Impact Studies, Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments and Coastal Hazard Studies. He is also actively developing the TUFLOW FV software.

Dr.Michael Barry (TUFLOW AD)

Michael is actively involved in water quality and environmental management studies within Australia and overseas. He has considerable expertise in the areas of numerical modelling, receiving water quality management, integrated urban water modelling and management and scientific programming. Michael also has a strong research background, having completed his PhD studies in 2001. This is supported by an ongoing peer reviewed publication record.


Chris has over 10 years’ experience in the floodplain management and coastal sectors. These include flood studies and floodplain management studies, flood impact assessments, wave modelling, coastal hydrodynamic and shoreline evolution studies. Chris has a breadth of knowledge which encompasses all software packages within the TUFLOW suite. Chris completed a research study validating TUFLOW in 2004 as his university thesis research project. Chris fulfils a supporting role in the TUFLOW FV sales, research development and testing team, and also is one of the lead TUFLOW software training experts. From mid 2014 Chris will be the sole representative for the TUFLOW Sales and Training operations within the USA.


Mitchell Smith has ten years’ experience specialising in climate change adaptation, storm tide, flooding and coastal/floodplain management. He has a broad background in GIS and is an experienced user of most industry standard hydraulic, hydrodynamic and wave modelling packages. In the role of Senior Software and Flood Engineer, Mitch is involved in the development and support of the TUFLOW software suite, including customised applications to assist floodplain and coastal assessments and management.

Dr.Matthew Roberts

Matthew has a doctorate in 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and wide-ranging experience in 2D and 1D numerical modelling. He has acted as technical expert on numerous UK and international flood risk related projects for private and public sector clients. He is a customer focused consultant, providing innovative and practical solutions to a range of water and environmental issues. An expert in computational modelling and the use of simulation as an engineering tool to predict and evaluate system behaviour, develop management strategies and support decision-making to help reduce risk to people, property and the environment.

Stephanie Dufour (TUFLOW and TUFLOW GPU)

Stephanie has over 13 years’ experience in the flood risk sector in both Australia and the UK. She has constructed a wide range of hydraulic models in her career, including fluvial models for flood mapping projects, tidal breach models for flood risk assessments, and integrated urban drainage models for surface water management plans. She has considerable experience in the TUFLOW suite of products as well as its dynamic link with the Flood Modeller Pro software. Stephanie leads the UK based TUFLOW Support team and is actively involved in providing guidance and training material to the global user community through her contributions on the TUFLOW Wiki.

Rohan King (TUFLOW and TUFLOW GPU)

Rohan has a broad range of experience in the consultant sector including catchment modelling, urban flooding and flood risk assessments within Australia and the UK using TUFLOW and TUFLOW GPU. He has worked on a variety of civil design projects from road, drainage and WSUD/SuDS designs in Australia and is also a member of the UK based TUFLOW Support team. Rohan is skilled in the use of TUFLOW and the integration of flood results within waterRIDE Flood Manager for assessments and review.

Rachel Jensen (TUFLOW and TUFLOW GPU)

Rachel is involved in projects which focus on catchment flooding. These projects include regional flood hydrology and hydraulic studies, urban drainage studies, development assessments and floodplain risk management studies. Rachel assists with TUFLOW and TUFLOW GPU in user support, software documentation and social media activities.

Alex Curran (TUFLOW UK sales and technical support team)

Alex is a member of the TUFLOW UK sales and technical support team, and has experience with a wide range of hydrologic and hydraulic model types. He has completed a MSc in Flood Risk management through UNESCO-IHE in the Netherlands, and an internship at the water research centre Deltares. His areas of interest include real-time control, reservoir operations, catchment hydrology and flow forecasting.

Joel Leister (miTools)

Joel is involved in numerical modelling projects, predominately in the areas of urban and rural flooding. His project experience includes flood studies, floodplain management plans, flood impact assessments, advection-dispersion modelling and the undertaking of a research project into the validation of TUFLOW. Joel is a co-author of miTools.

Dr.Matthew Barnes (TUFLOW FV)

Matt is an engineering consultant who has developed a wide range of numerical tools for assessments in coastal, estuarine and riverine systems. These assessments have informed port and harbour development projects, the design of coastal and river infrastructure, coastal hazard studies and shoreline erosion management plans. Matt has a particular interest in coastal sediment transport and has a doctorate in this field. Matt works closely with the TUFLOW FV research and development team and supports software sales and training.

Sandy Thompson (TUFLOW Products sales and licensing)

Sandy is a senior accounts assistant at Brisbane BMT Eastern Australia. She has over 15 years experience in administration and accounting processes. Sandy manages and leads all TUFLOW Products sales and licensing. For any sales or licensing related enquiries, please use